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NGI, established in 2001, is a trusted provider of Gem Testing Lab services and Gemological Institute for Education in Far East Plaza. With more than 20 years of experience and state-of-the-art testing instruments, we specialise in precisely identifying various gemstones, jadeites and diamonds etc. Our independent expert advice and unwavering commitment to integrity have earned us recognition and instilled confidence and assurance in both buyers and sellers in the gem and jewelry industry.

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The sheared mechanism of spiral and vortex dislocation on beryl crystal (published in 29th International Gemological Conference, 2004)




Unlock the mysteries of gemological testing with our insightful articles and practical tips. From the fundamentals of gem identification to advanced testing methodologies, our content equips you with essential knowledge.




Immerse yourself in the latest gemological innovations that are transforming the way we understand precious stones. Our thought-provoking articles cover cutting-edge research, and innovative testing methods.

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